About us

The TRACERTECH GmbH is probably the only company in Europe which business consists exclusively of performing tracer gas measurements and the sale of tracer gas analysers. In co-operation with Lagus Applied Technology (LAT), Inc., Escondido, California TRACERTECH owns the European distribution rights of LAT equipment. Demanding tracer gas projects are sometimes supported by LAT personnel and vice versa.

TRACERTECH has been founded on May 10, 1994 and registered at the Chamber of Commerce in Ulm, Germany. The founder was Willigert Raatschen, phd. He studied mechanical engineering at the Technical University of Aachen (RWTH). His thesis was concerned with working fluids for adsorption heat pumps. Besides his academic tasks he worked for a software company in Cologne on the design and distribution of computer programs for heating and ventilation systems.

After his doctoral degree he spent 15 months at the Department of Chemical Engineering in Berkeley, USA. In May 1987 he started his first industry job at Dornier System GmbH in Immenstaad, Lake Constance.

As manager of projects of the International Energy Agency (IEA) he collaborated with all famous institutes, which had expertise in the area of natural ventilation and contaminant dispersal. Main projects have been:

Annex 9: Minimum Ventilation Rates

Annex 14: Energy & Condensation

Annex 18: Demand Controlled Ventilating Systems

These projects aimed to develop mathematical models and algorithms to calculate natural airflows in buildings and to validate the results with tracer gas measurements in international collaboration.

Dr. Raatschen was lecturer at the DIN for Calculation and Measurements of Natural Airflows in Buildings. Industrial projects dealt with ventilation of mines and the design of natural ventilation systems with emphasis on double facade buildings.

Im Mai 1994 gründete er dieses Arbeitsgebiet aus der Dornier System GmbH aus und überführte es in die TracerTech GmbH.

Hauptberuflich blieb Herr Raatschen bei der Dornier GmbH und war nach einigen Firmennamenwechsel von 1998 bis 2017 Leiter des Bereichs Energy and Life Support Systems bei Airbus Defense & Space in Immenstaad a. B.. Mit seinem Team entwickelte er u. a.
  • das Lebenserhaltungsystem für COLUMBUS, dem europäischen Modul der Internationalen Raumstation ISS
  • die CO2 und Schadgasabfuhr für französische Atom-Uboote der Barracuda Klasse und
  • ein regeneratives Brennstoffzellensystem für Airbus Zephyr Solar High Altitude Platform System (HAPS)
Seit 2018 widmet er sich wieder ganz den wachsenden Themen der TracerTech GmbH.

Work in Standardisation Committees

  • Chairman of VDI-Guideline 4300 Blatt 7 Measurement of indoor air change rate.
  • Member of guideline team Measurement of indoor air contaminants - VDI 4300 Blatt 1 tätig.
  • Mitarbeit im VDI/UBA Arbeitskreis zur Expertenempfehlung VDI-EE 4300, Blatt 14 Anforderungen an mobile Luftreiniger zur Reduktion der aerosolgebundenen Übertragung von Infektionskrankheiten
  • Mitglied im VDI-Richtlinienteam für ‚Prüfkriterien für mobile Luftreiniger

Dr.-Ing. Willigert Raatschen

President of TracerTech GmbH