Airflows in Complex Buildings

Tracer gas testing in large and high halls, in churches and in complex buildings like shopping malls are more complex than in living rooms. These tests should be done by experienced experts. Here it is even more important to understand, if an ACR measurement is really the right method to takle the problem of concern. Especially in large open-plan offices or production facilities main concern is often air quality in the occupancy area or working place. I.e, that adequate local measurements are more relevant than global data of the entire room. It needs to be discussed if local-mean-age measurements provide the more relevant parameter than the ACR value.


In complex buildings it is important to chose the right injection method to really achieve and monitor complete mixing of the tracer gas with the room air. Decisive here is the type of ventilation system and the magnitude of the air change.

Advantageous is that this test can usually be done during the normal building operation and discreetly.