Do-It-Yourself Air Exchange Rate Measurements


The Standard Set provides a simple and cost efficient method to measure the air change rate (ACR) by yourself. With a single tracer gas injection syringe you are able to measure ACRs in rooms of up to 3.000 m³ (100.000 ft³). For smaller rooms the injection syringe will be diluted with ambient air to maintain a start concentration below 100ppb (10-7 parts per volume)


Using the Combi Set you are able to obtain two Air Change Rates with just one injection. This allows to measure the ventilation status at two different ventilation regimes. At start tracer gas is injected into the room. Then 5 samples are taken at the first ventilation regime. Then the regime is changed and another 5 samples are collected.


This test set allows air change rate measurements which are in accordance with the valid international ACR test standards (EN ISO 12569 and ASTM 741). This test method we recommend for authoritative or legal applications.

In addition to the Standard and Combi Set we provide additional sample syringes to verify complete mixing before the first and after the last sample.

SF6 Analyse